G Logistics is a freight forwarder that adapts shipment to the customer's wishes. We offer quick deliveries where you as a customer have the opportunity to follow your goods on a map and a guarantee that your goods arrive on time and condition.

We drive across Europe, but our specialty is Northern Norway. We have experienced drivers, a well thought out planning and a number of partners that allows us to deliver the goods in just a few days at a low price.

Read more about what we offer and how we work below.



We always leave a guarantee to our customers that the goods will arrive on time and undamaged. Through our customer website, you can follow your order and get information about time-tracking, POD, invoice statistics and more. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS, it allows you to track your goods via a map and see exactly where your goods are.

Express Driving

You want the estate there yet? No problem - we offer express runs where we guarantee quick and punctual transportation.


Many of our clients have special requests with their shipments may move that the goods will arrive at specific time or get help with unloading. Our goal is to always satisfy your needs and adapt to your preferences.

We drive all kinds of goods

Bulky, heavy or fragile - we run all types of goods except for goods that are temperate. Our planning is always accurate and flexible where we listen to your needs and do everything we can to accommodate your requests.


We can of Northern Norway roads inside and out, has broad knowledge and experience as well as numerous partners in Northern Norway. This means we can transport goods in a short time and at a reasonable cost.

Many of our vehicles are designed for difficult conditions because we often run on small and poor roads in Northern Norway. They are also certified and serviced at authorized workshops.



We offer storage space for small and medium-sized enterprises. The warehouse is well located in Jonkoping with an area of 1,200 square meters of cold storage and 1,000 square meters of hot stock. Please contact us for more details.